Friday, 30 April 2010

Sam Jinks - Fascinating

Sculptures created by sculpting the body in clay and then casting them in silicon.

Sam Jinks -Australian Artist.

"Jinks makes the skin look like skin, which is luminous and penetrated by light. You could imagine seeing pores and follicles if you took a microscope to the surface."
(Robert Nelson 2005)

I think the realism and attention to detail is extreme. I like how clever I think the art is and am fascinated by it. Not something I would have hanging on my wall though!

Sam Jinks Website
This artists work is definitely true of the statement that,
"(Art)it is a unique visual and tactile language with a set of elements that can be combined to make possible, powerful, visual, statements" (Cox and Watts, 2009, p3)
I think these pieces are definitely powerful, love it or hate it, you will have an opinion on it!
Cox and Watts (2009) Teaching art and design 3-11. Continuum. London.

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