Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ball Video

The powers that be tell me that I cannot rotate this video, but I have uploaded it because I like the way the 'snowball' looks like it is just casually walking alongside Jaz. I like the way their movements compliment each other until they gradually come to a stop together. I enjoy the way Jaz is walking oblivious in the the viewers eyes to the sculpture rolling next to him, but at the same time is quite aware of the whole scenario unfolding around him.


  1. I love it! The siren sound in the background adds to the effect! xx.

  2. Rach, I've found an artist who created a big ball out of sellophane as a part of his installation at the Tate last year. When I saw it, I though of you and Poppy.



  3. thank you Jaz. this is wonderful.
    i wish mine was all ruggedy now. maybe i need to get you to throw it up more trees xx

  4. Of course I will if you need me to! x