Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Chalk Boulders Moonlight Walk

Even as I have been preparing for my Viva I have found some more artists work which I feel I can relate to mine. Surprisingly, It is by, amongst other people Anthony Goldsworthy again.
It is a collection of chalk boulders (2002) produced for a moonlight walk between Cocking and Singleton, Sussex.

I like the way in some of my photographs my snowball looks as white as chalk. These constructions too remind me of snowballs. It shows how one thing can be portrayed in many ways.These sculptures do not have the title snowball, they may not be. Again it all seems to come down to perception.

I also found this Midsummer Snowball by Anthony Goldsworthy. I originally thought all of the snowballs were constructed from snow. This one is made from sheep's wool so clearly not.

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