Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Cildo Meireles

Thanks to Jaz I got sent a link to the following piece of art, I have had it for a few days now, but have just found time to write it up.

The piece i am featuring is part of a more vast piece of art, a labyrinth called Through 1983-1989/2008,by Cildo Meireles,

I have included this in my artist research as this particular aspect of the piece has quite a close resemblance to my own piece I have been working on.Although a lot more rugged and totally made of cellophane (my piece is sellotape)I was glad to have been pointed in the direction of this piece.

Here is a bit of knowledge about the 'clear sphinx' part of the piece.

" The cellophane ball, a Clear Sphinx, with which Meireles proposes a formal enigma, the mystery of soft glass. In its cell-like structure, with Clear Sphinx as its nucleus of light, this expansive installation evokes the microscopic."(Tate Modern, 2010, Online)

And my favourite part...

"The enormous ball can also be read as a cosmic metaphor, signifying the infinite, which lies at the heart of devices of limitation.
Guy Brett asks ‘Are we relieved of the social minutiae of each different barrier by the transparent abstraction we discover at the centre? Or are we reminded of the human need constantly to frame and contain experience in order to be able to live in the ferocious universe?" (Tate Modern ,2010, online)

I like the way, something so similar to my own work has been used in a totally different way and represents something totally different. It shows art is all down to interpretation.

Tate Modern Website

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