Wednesday, 23 September 2009

From the Skies

This blog documents the long flight home from Brisbane to Birmingham. I took all the photos from my seat whilst aboard the three planes it took me to get home. I loved looking out of the window to see the beauty that was outside.

I particularly like the way the pictures show the change in the day and almost the weather. with almost total darkness featuring, sunrises, sunsets aswell as cloudy skies and clear crisp ones too.

For some countries eg Russia there are more pictures. This is deliberate showing that i spent more time going over that then anything else. You may also wonder why Germany and England look so different considering they are so close. There was a 5 hour wait in between.







Saturday, 5 September 2009


Whilst venturing around the city of Brisbane today we went to Queensland ART Gallery as well as Queensland Gallery Of Modern art. AS We walked in there were several installations by different artists. Here i will include my favourites;

This piece is by Victor Meertens and is entitled Delvig. It was made in 1990. I am fascinated by it as the idea and its name came about from a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The whole genre and essence of the poem is that love triumphs over tyranny and i love the way the name and art is connected to something of meaning.

The artist is interested in freeing form into space rather than the formality of their immediate predecessors. The piece is accompanied by another piece called falchion. which refers to a broad edge sword of the same name.

Both are made from corrugated iron on wood armature. The artist is particularly known for dismantling, arranging and assembling pre existing materials of different origins and functions.

Another installation that really stood out for me was illumination fall weave 2004-06 by johnathan Jones. It is a totally different piece of work and a whole lot more subtle but it is just lovely.

It came about after the artist researched his Koori hertitage through early writings and museums. He interpreted aboriginal net making patterns as light installations and experimented on his mom's vintage sewing machine.

It is designed to be a conceptual framework for human connectivity, with the electricity pulsing through the woven wires creating one entity.The interplay of light is operating as a metaphor for the community. Electricity in the piece represents urbanisation but it may also represent the guiding spirits that linger after the demise of the physical body.

I love how deep and meaningful this piece is, without necessarily screaming it. It has representaion but in a subtle way and that is my favourite type of art.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Donny Brook

Today we went out fishing on Donny Brook, which leads out to a beautiful place called Bribie Island. We caught a range of different fish and Barry told us their names and why they were called that.

It was a truely, beautiful tranquille sight. In true Rachel blogging style here are some pictures to sum it up.

I have included these pictures as on the way we saw a group of 'wild' kangaroos. Contrary to belief they are not just everywhere so i took the opportunity to take some pictures.

I love these pictures as i think there is something about them that is stunning. They were taken as we were entering the brook at first light ande i think they are worth the 5am wake up.

This is the sting-ray that i caught. Luckily it didnt have a tail so was not lethal, but it tried to get the bait mighty hard. We took this picture and released it back, although they are still a common delicacy amongst many aboriginal people.

Beautiful scenic views from Bribie Island.

This image gets its own section as it is my favourite.I think it is just sensational, without a need to further explain.

I have included these images as when we were driving home from Donny Brook we saw fields and fields of pineapples. We got out to take pictures as it is often a point of confusion as to how exactly they grow. I would say on prickly bushes.

Thursday, 3 September 2009


Okay so today we went to Montville. It is a small village in the mountains near the suburb of where we are residing here in Australia. i have included some pictures as the view, the journey and the whole experience in general was just totally stunning.

Everything from the long open roads, to driving along and mountains appearing between the trees, to seeing sun, sea, forest, countryside, city and residential juxta-posed together side by side was totally breath taking. Parts of it reminded me of some of the beautiful countryside in England.

The photos alone cannot do the experience justice as there was so many things and so much space to focus on and take in at once, here is a feeble attempt.

This is one of the glass house mountains. They were named that by Captain James Cook as he sailed around the coast of the Queensland territory in his boat.

On May 17, 1770 Captain James Cook (a rather perceptive fellow) wrote the following in his journal: "These hills lie but a little way inland, and not far from each other: they are remarkable for the singular form of their elevation, which very much resembles a glass house, and for this reason I called them Glass Houses."