Friday, 6 November 2009


I found this piece of art replicating stone hedge and when i researched it further i found there are more weird and wacky replicas of the historical sculptures.



"In art there are no schools, only hospitals". Jean Cocteau


whilst looking for blogs to follow i came across this installation...

All it says is Bogota goes Bananas.
I like the title, i think it is very fitting for the piece and makes me smile. My favourite kind of art.
I would love to be inside someone's head as they walk past this building!

Screen Printing

We had a topic morning yesterday at school based on our topic for half term; Light and Dark.
Being bonfire night yesterday, that was the main focus.We had a carousel of activities and the children's ideas and creativity were awesome.
I was in charge or screen printing with whoever wished to do so and it was great, also as expected, extremely messy.
It was great that the children could try something that they may not necessarily have tried before and they seemed to really enjoy the process.Some of the parents also came in for the morning to work with the children and they seemed to be quite enthusiastic too.